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umphalex August 19, 2013
UM brought the ruckus at this show for sure...Lot of tight improv and jamming going on throughout.

Le Blitz set the tone right off the bat, but the bridgless with jimmy took off to amazing places.

Dear Lord being stuck in between the plunger was a nice twist, and I've never seen this before....(Dear Lord is an amazing song)

Really into the feel and lyrics on No Diablo, and the interplay between Jake and Brendan has a good supertramp-esque feel..

Tribute to the spinal shaft got busted open big time with lots of psychedelic jam, and it's followed with serious versions of conduit and the linear.

Let's Dance had so much sound with both bands being on stage and the horn players too...I think it was about 15 people on stage jammin out some Bowie...Pretty cool stuff!

Any show with 4 Jimmy Stewart's in it is worth listening to in my opinion, and this show packs a punch...

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