Umphrey's McGee: April 20, 2001 – Axis, Bloomington, IN, USA

Set 1: Example 1 > Mullet (Over), Syncopated Strangers, Rastaman Chant > Prowler[1] > Hangover > Garbage Man > Hangover[2], All Things Ninja[3], Dear Doctor[4], Uncle Wally[5], Black Water[5], Padgett's Profile

Set 2: Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > August, Just a Friend, unknown song, Anchor Drops, Power of Soul > FF > Out Of Order, Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang

Encore: The Fussy Dutchman

[1] with 2x2 tease; ended with bass jam
[2] with All Things Ninja tease
[3] with Thunderstruck (AC/DC) tease
[4] debut, The Rolling Stones; with Jake and Brendan on acoustics
[5] with Jake and Brendan on acoustics