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Appears on: Live At the Murat Jimmy Stewart 2007
Padgett's Profile has been performed live by Umphrey's McGee 151 time(s).
It was last performed 1 show(s) ago.
Average performance gap: 14.85
Yearly Performances
Date Played VenueShow Gap Performed By
2021-02-06 Roctopus's Garden Nashville TN100Umphrey's McGee
2019-03-23 Masonic Auditorium Cleveland OH73Umphrey's McGee
2018-06-02 ACE Adventure Resort Minden WV48Umphrey's McGee
2017-12-29 Fillmore Auditorium Denver CO30Umphrey's McGee
2017-07-09 Stone Pony Summerstage Asbury Park NJ28Umphrey's McGee
2017-03-31 Riverside Theater Milwaukee WI71Umphrey's McGee
2016-07-07 Avondale Brewing Company Birmingham AL40Umphrey's McGee
2016-02-19 Arena Asheville NC24Umphrey's McGee
2015-10-31 Riverside Theater Milwaukee WI90Umphrey's McGee
2014-12-30 The Tabernacle Atlanta GA42Umphrey's McGee
2014-07-03 Sumtur Amphitheater Omaha NE35Umphrey's McGee
2014-03-20 The Depot Salt Lake City UT18Umphrey's McGee
2014-02-09 Harro East Ballroom Rochester NY11Umphrey's McGee
2013-12-30 1 Up - Colfax Denver CO14Umphrey's McGee
2013-10-21 The State Theatre State College PA37Umphrey's McGee
2013-05-31 Mulberry Mountain Ozark AR22Umphrey's McGee
2013-03-16 The Fox Theater Oakland CA15Umphrey's McGee
2013-02-07 First Avenue Minneapolis MN29Umphrey's McGee
2012-10-26 Riverside Theater Milwaukee WI17Umphrey's McGee
2012-09-07 Greenfield Lake Amphitheater Wilmington NC11Umphrey's McGee
2012-08-10 Higher Ground South Burlington VT86Umphrey's McGee
2011-10-29 The Tabernacle Atlanta GA18Umphrey's McGee
2011-09-14 Capitol Center for the Arts Concord NH58Umphrey's McGee
2011-02-18 War Memorial Auditorium Nashville TN36Umphrey's McGee
2010-10-28 The Canopy Club Urbana IL23Umphrey's McGee
2010-08-12 House of Blues North Myrtle Beach SC43Umphrey's McGee
2010-03-11 The Orpheum Theatre Madison WI22Umphrey's McGee
2010-01-22 Belly Up Aspen Aspen CO23Umphrey's McGee
2009-10-31 Las Tortugas - Dance of the Dead IV Groveland (Yosemite) CA32Umphrey's McGee
2009-08-27 The Canopy Club Urbana IL55Umphrey's McGee
2009-03-05 WorkPlay Soundstage Birmingham AL30Umphrey's McGee
2008-11-15 Cannery Ballroom Nashville TN15Umphrey's McGee
2008-10-14 Blender Theater at Gramercy New York NY40Umphrey's McGee
2008-06-05 The Intersection Grand Rapids MI14Umphrey's McGee
2008-04-16 Higher Ground South Burlington VT7Umphrey's McGee
2008-04-05 The Pageant St. Louis MO9Umphrey's McGee
2008-03-07 Langerado Music Festival Big Cypress Reservation FL11Umphrey's McGee
2008-02-12 House of Blues San Diego CA7Umphrey's McGee
2007-12-29 Aragon Ballroom Chicago IL11Umphrey's McGee
2007-11-15 Amos' Southend Charlotte NC3Umphrey's McGee
2007-10-31 Fillmore Auditorium Denver CO6Umphrey's McGee
2007-10-22 Harro East Ballroom Rochester NY16Umphrey's McGee
2007-08-26 Riverview Music Festival Chicago IL13Umphrey's McGee
2007-07-13 Ogden Theatre Denver CO8Umphrey's McGee
2007-06-28 NTELOS Pavilion Portsmouth VA4Umphrey's McGee
2007-06-13 John Anson Ford Amphitheatre Los Angeles CA17Umphrey's McGee
2007-04-21 The Vic Theatre Chicago IL7Umphrey's McGee
2007-04-13 Nokia Theatre Times Square New York NY3Umphrey's McGee
2007-04-07 The Egyptian Room, The Murat Centre Indianapolis IN5Umphrey's McGee
2007-03-24 First Avenue Minneapolis MN4Umphrey's McGee
2007-03-16 Clutch Cargos Pontiac MI7Umphrey's McGee
2007-03-01 The Orange Peel Asheville NC5Umphrey's McGee
2007-02-23 Music Farm Charleston SC4Umphrey's McGee
2007-02-17 The Fillmore San Francisco CA20Umphrey's McGee
2006-10-25 House of Blues Anaheim CA27Umphrey's McGee
2006-08-19 Cannery Row Revival - Mercy Lounge Nashville TN42Umphrey's McGee
2006-05-03 Disco Rodeo Raleigh NC11Umphrey's McGee
2006-04-14 The Fillmore San Francisco CA28Umphrey's McGee
2006-02-15 Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel Providence RI7Umphrey's McGee
2006-01-07 MSC Lirica Atlantic Ocean 5Umphrey's McGee
2005-12-08 Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach CA8Umphrey's McGee
2005-11-16 The Newport Music Hall Columbus OH10Umphrey's McGee
2005-10-26 The Orpheum Theatre Flagstaff AZ10Umphrey's McGee
2005-10-02 The Barrymore Theatre Madison WI10Umphrey's McGee
2005-09-13 Pearl Street Ballroom Northampton MA12Umphrey's McGee
2005-08-25 Recher Theatre Towson MD19Umphrey's McGee
2005-07-06 Henry Maier Festival Park Milwaukee WI18Umphrey's McGee
2005-05-10 Crystal Bay Club Casino Crystal Bay NV5Umphrey's McGee
2005-05-04 Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach CA7Umphrey's McGee
2005-04-16 The Rave Milwaukee WI7Umphrey's McGee
2005-04-06 The Temple Club Lansing MI5Umphrey's McGee
2005-03-29 George's Majestic Lounge Fayetteville AR9Umphrey's McGee
2005-03-08 Blue Cat's Knoxville TN5Umphrey's McGee
2005-02-25 The Fox Theatre Boulder CO5Umphrey's McGee
2005-02-18 The Barrymore Theatre Madison WI7Umphrey's McGee
2004-12-30 The Riviera Theatre Chicago IL7Umphrey's McGee
2004-12-06 Cat's Cradle Carrboro NC6Umphrey's McGee
2004-11-13 Bogart's Cincinnati OH6Umphrey's McGee
2004-11-04 The Intersection Grand Rapids MI6Umphrey's McGee
2004-10-25 Soho Restaurant and Music Club Santa Barbara CA10Umphrey's McGee
2004-10-01 The Fox Theatre Boulder CO10Umphrey's McGee
2004-09-10 Stubb's BBQ Austin TX15Umphrey's McGee
2004-08-06 Skyline Stage - Navy Pier Chicago IL4Umphrey's McGee
2004-07-21 Music Farm Charleston SC17Umphrey's McGee
2004-05-30 Three Sisters Park Chillicothe IL16Umphrey's McGee
2004-04-26 The Orpheum Theatre Flagstaff AZ4Umphrey's McGee
2004-04-21 Historic Ashland Armory Ashland OR6Umphrey's McGee
2004-04-02 The Egyptian Room, The Murat Centre Indianapolis IN3Umphrey's McGee
2004-03-26 Georgia Theatre Athens GA14Umphrey's McGee
2004-02-26 The Canopy Club Urbana IL11Umphrey's McGee
2004-02-06 Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom Denver CO4Umphrey's McGee
2004-01-30 The Barrymore Theatre Madison WI13Umphrey's McGee
2003-12-04 The Bluebird Nightclub Bloomington IN3Umphrey's McGee
2003-11-26 The Rave Underground Milwaukee WI6Umphrey's McGee
2003-11-16 The Funk Box Baltimore MD10Umphrey's McGee
2003-10-19 Ryan Auditorium, Northwestern University Evanston IL13Umphrey's McGee
2003-09-25 Mississippi Nights St. Louis MO8Umphrey's McGee
2003-09-12 The Canopy Club Urbana IL4Umphrey's McGee
2003-09-04 The Buskirk-Chumley Theater Bloomington IN13Umphrey's McGee
2003-07-15 Mogollon Brewing Company Flagstaff AZ4Umphrey's McGee
2003-07-09 Studio Z San Francisco CA16Umphrey's McGee
2003-06-18 Durty Nellie's Palatine IL27Umphrey's McGee
2003-04-11 The Orange Peel Asheville NC10Umphrey's McGee
2003-03-28 The Gothic Theatre Englewood CO5Umphrey's McGee
2003-03-19 Clearwater Theater West Dundee IL6Umphrey's McGee
2003-03-03 The Crowbar State College PA9Umphrey's McGee
2003-02-10 Dave's On Dickson Fayetteville AR5Umphrey's McGee
2003-02-04 Gerstle's Louisville KY1Umphrey's McGee
2003-01-31 The Barrymore Theatre Madison WI11Umphrey's McGee
2002-12-12 The Vogue Theatre Indianapolis IN7Umphrey's McGee
2002-11-20 Axis Bloomington IN20Umphrey's McGee
2002-10-04 House of Blues Chicago IL16Umphrey's McGee
2002-08-28 Little Brother's Columbus OH7Umphrey's McGee
2002-08-17 Joe's Chicago IL7Umphrey's McGee
2002-07-20 The Gothic Theatre Englewood CO13Umphrey's McGee
2002-06-28 The Terrace, University of Wisconsin Madison WI21Umphrey's McGee
2002-05-16 Schubas Tavern Chicago IL7Umphrey's McGee
2002-04-21 The Tractor Tavern Seattle WA10Umphrey's McGee
2002-04-10 Sixteen Fifty Hollywood CA3Umphrey's McGee
2002-04-05 The Aggie Theatre Fort Collins CO6Umphrey's McGee
2002-03-20 Bluegrass Brewing Company Louisville KY10Umphrey's McGee
2002-03-05 The Warehouse Tallahassee FL5Umphrey's McGee
2002-02-28 The Visulite Theater Charlotte NC3Umphrey's McGee
2002-02-23 Ziggy's Winston-Salem NC5Umphrey's McGee
2002-02-17 The 8x10 Baltimore MD7Umphrey's McGee
2002-02-05 Cicero's St. Louis MO3Umphrey's McGee
2002-01-31 The Barrymore Theatre Madison WI6Umphrey's McGee
2001-12-31 The Vic Theatre Chicago IL1Umphrey's McGee
2001-12-14 The Bluebird Nightclub Bloomington IN4Umphrey's McGee
2001-12-08 Loeb Hall Purdue University IN8Umphrey's McGee
2001-11-16 The Mad Frog Cincinnati OH3Umphrey's McGee
2001-10-27 Club Soda Kalamazoo MI4Umphrey's McGee
2001-10-23 The Blue Note Columbia MO9Umphrey's McGee
2001-10-04 The Vogue Theatre Indianapolis IN10Umphrey's McGee
2001-09-13 House of Blues Boston MA5Umphrey's McGee
2001-09-02 The Barrymore Theatre Madison WI8Umphrey's McGee
2001-08-16 Field Museum Chicago IL8Umphrey's McGee
2001-07-14 Tulagi's Boulder CO3Umphrey's McGee
2001-07-10 Winston's San Diego CA8Umphrey's McGee
2001-06-29 Taylor's Eugene OR3Umphrey's McGee
2001-06-24 The Rainbow Seattle WA4Umphrey's McGee
2001-06-16 The Ritz Missoula MT7Umphrey's McGee
2001-06-02 Schubas Tavern Chicago IL7Umphrey's McGee
2001-05-19 ZBT House, Northwestern University Evanston IL1Umphrey's McGee
2001-05-12 Durty Nellie's Palatine IL4Umphrey's McGee
2001-05-03 The Vogue Theatre Indianapolis IN5Umphrey's McGee
2001-04-20 Axis Bloomington IN2Umphrey's McGee
2001-04-18 Otto's DeKalb IL1Umphrey's McGee
2001-04-13 Club Soda Kalamazoo MI1Umphrey's McGee
2001-04-12 The State Theatre South Bend IN2Umphrey's McGee
2001-04-06 Trilogy Boulder CO270Umphrey's McGee

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