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50 Ways to Leave Your Lover was originally performed by Paul Simon
It has been performed by Umphrey's McGee 58 times. It was last played 2019-03-23, which was 233 shows ago.

Every Time Played

Date Played Venue Show Gap Performed By Track Time Footnote
2000-09-28 RIBCO, Rock Island, IL204Umphrey's McGeedebut, Paul Simon
2000-09-30 The Patio, Indianapolis, IN1Umphrey's McGee
2000-10-05 The State Theatre, South Bend, IN0Umphrey's McGee
2000-10-12 Pittsburgh Deli Company, Pittsburgh, PA1Umphrey's McGee
2000-10-16 Mickey's Pub, South Bend, IN1Umphrey's McGee
2000-10-17 Axis, Bloomington, IN0Umphrey's McGee
2000-10-21 Otto's, DeKalb, IL2Umphrey's McGee
2000-10-31 Martyrs', Chicago, IL2Umphrey's McGeewith Nick Kovach on harmonica
2000-11-09 Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI1Umphrey's McGee
2000-11-30 LaFortune Ballroom, Notre Dame, IN7Umphrey's McGeewith Nick Kovach on harmonica. At one point, Pat Bayliss (Brendan's brother) was on drums while Mike danced
2000-12-01 Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI0Umphrey's McGee
2000-12-09 Joe's, Chicago, IL3Umphrey's McGee
2001-02-17 The Snow Barn, Mt. Snow Ski Resort, West Dover, VT14Umphrey's McGee
2001-03-01 Cicero's, St. Louis, MO6Umphrey's McGee
2001-03-23 Otto's, DeKalb, IL6Umphrey's McGee
2001-04-06 Trilogy, Boulder, CO6Umphrey's McGee
2001-05-04 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL11Umphrey's McGee
2001-06-01 Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI8Umphrey's McGee
2001-06-07 The State Theatre, South Bend, IN2Umphrey's McGee
2001-06-23 The Boot Pub, Whistler, BC8Umphrey's McGeeacoustic
2001-07-13 San Juan Room, Durango, CO13Umphrey's McGee
2001-09-21 Pittsburgh Deli Company, Pittsburgh, PA28Umphrey's McGee
2001-10-23 The Blue Note, Columbia, MO11Umphrey's McGee
2001-12-05 The Union Bar, Iowa City, IA11Umphrey's McGee
2002-02-17 The 8x10, Baltimore, MD23Umphrey's McGee
2002-03-08 Freebird Live, Jacksonville Beach, FL15Umphrey's McGee
2002-03-21 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN7Umphrey's McGee
2002-04-05 The Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins, CO4Umphrey's McGee
2002-04-17 Waldo's, Klamath Falls, OR8Umphrey's McGee
2002-04-22 Blue Heron Club, Missoula, MT4Umphrey's McGee
2002-06-15 Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI21Umphrey's McGee
2002-07-19 Wild Creek, Winter Park, CO16Umphrey's McGee
2002-09-19 The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI22Umphrey's McGee
2002-10-16 12th & Porter, Nashville, TN14Umphrey's McGee
2002-12-12 The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN19Umphrey's McGee
2003-02-04 Gerstle's, Louisville, KY11Umphrey's McGee
2003-02-27 Harper's Ferry, Allston, MA11Umphrey's McGeeended with Nick Blasky appearance
2003-04-10 Music Farm, Charleston, SC21Umphrey's McGee
2003-05-15 Stanley Hall, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL14Umphrey's McGee
2003-06-06 Rocks Off Boat Cruise, New York, NY7Umphrey's McGee
2003-07-15 Mogollon Brewing Company, Flagstaff, AZ23Umphrey's McGee
2003-08-31 The Green Room at The Sawmill, Seaside Park, NJ10Umphrey's McGee
2003-09-26 The Granada Theater, Lawrence, KS14Umphrey's McGee
2003-10-15 Witz End, Stevens Point, WI8Umphrey's McGee
2003-11-19 Theater of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA14Umphrey's McGee
2004-03-10 The Buskirk-Chumley Theater, Bloomington, IN38Umphrey's McGee
2004-04-20 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR17Umphrey's McGeewith Wes Cichosz on tenor saxophone
2004-07-15 Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA32Umphrey's McGee
2004-09-03 Mishawaka Brewing Company, Mishawaka, IN18Umphrey's McGee
2005-05-10 Crystal Bay Club Casino, Crystal Bay, NV99Umphrey's McGee
2005-11-10 Rococo Theatre, Lincoln, NE74Umphrey's McGee
2006-04-27 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL57Umphrey's McGee
2006-08-30 Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul, MN50Umphrey's McGee
2009-02-20 Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA283Umphrey's McGee
2009-10-27 Crystal Bay Club Casino, Crystal Bay, NV87Umphrey's McGee
2012-04-28 Martyrs', Chicago, IL289Umphrey's McGee
2014-04-03 Greenfield Lake Amphitheater, Wilmington, NC201Umphrey's McGee
2019-03-23 Masonic Auditorium, Cleveland, OH476Umphrey's McGee