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driver February 15, 2013
Wow. This was a great show at a great little venue. There was mass confusion about what time the band was actually going on. Initially it was listed as 8:30, then someone said their was an opener, and then someone said they'd go on at 8:00. To be safe, we made sure we were in the venue by 8:00, which was great since the band went on pretty promptly at 8:15.

The Theatre was TINY. Not a bad seat in the whole place, and the balcony looked like it raged hard. It was also a dry venue, which was a first for me, but no one seemed to mind since security was really chill.

Miss Tinkle's opened really, really strong and kicked off the night in pretty rockin' fashion. Walletsworth was well done, but I thought the Domino Theory jam stalled a bit and they ended up pulling out of it, thankfully. Intentions Clear was a jaw dropper with the band taking things down to a trickle while Waful killed all of the lights. This led into an okay Push the Pig and, as always, a rager of The Floor to close Set I.

Set II opened with a nice Fussy Dutchman and led to an okay Red Tape. In the Kitchen really got the crowd moving, but I thought the jam was uninspired. Thin Air was fantastic--maybe the best I've ever heard Joel play. The Beatles cover was a nice breather and raged the venue pretty good. Kabump was a TREAT. The rode the jam for a long time until Stasik finally unplugged and the band ended gently to close a nice Set II.

The Talking Heads cover for an encore was nice, and the Booth Love jam was nasty.

Highlights: Miss Tinkle's, Intentions Clear, Thin Air, Kabump.

If you get a chance, see the band at this venue. They did not disappoint.

danoc February 16, 2013
Morgantown, WV...what an environment for an UMPH's show in mid Feb. Valentine's Day gave all Umphrey's McGee fans a reason for their minds to race of what possibly they could play. Further more
Set I: Catshot was a good way to start off the night, into an always welcomed Miss Tinkle's Overture that jammed hard. Walletsworth was a good fit for an emotional crowd. Domino Theory was pretty sick, really went at it. Intentions Clear really set a good mood for the 1st set. Push the Pig wasn't expected at all, but you'll never turn it down. Wasn't the best version but was very fun. The Floor jammed hard as shit once again..not a surprise. A lot of improve and grooviness/rave feel the show was as an overall.

Set II: The Fussy Dutchman, wow...not a single person was not dancing. Joel was pumped up. Not a Red Tape guy but if i had to see one live I suppose it'd be this one. In The Kitchen was a good up lifting mood after a long Red Tape. Good jams, Thin Air was fucking sick. Haven't seen that one yet until now. I Want You was a great cover.. good sing along for a Valentines Day show. Kabump was tiiiiiiiight. 20 minutes or so. Great Home jam.

Encore: Girlfriend is Better was a pretty cool start to an encore, really went hard and was one of the spacier versions of that they play. Booth Love was expected but not as an encore, heard it up at The Beacon a month prior as an encore so that kind of threw me off. But in the end who is going to turn down a Booth Love on such a great Valentines day down in Morgantown?

Great show all in all, very awesome crowd. Pissed they didnt let me down to the main floor but the 2nd level was hectic and went so hard. Worth leaving my girlfriend at home on valentines day for some umph love, FUCK YEA! Thank you everyone for such an amazing show.