Reviews attached to July 11, 2009

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elBerto October 19, 2012
Definitely a Top 5 show in my book. All Gooders were talking about the Shine On You Crazy Diamond for the rest of of fest.

The encore... oh the encore!

driver December 12, 2012
My first UM show. I walked/stumbled in completely unaware of the band or what I was about to see.

Though I certainly don't think this is the best UM I've ever seen, the set list placement for this show is spectacular and offered an extremely cohesive, fluid experience from beginning to end.

Highlights: Shine On You Crazy Diamond (I will never forget that spacey intro. My god.) and the entire encore, which just brought down the house. Definitely worth your time to listen.

TalonMcgee December 19, 2012
Also my first show, the 42 minute All in Time > Wappy changed the way i looked at music forever. CW>CWII is quality dance party material. As was stated, the Shine On was magical, and the best one i've heard them do. A classic epic encore (that reso has everything in it!) My (bias) personal favorite show.

SnuckaGetsPaid June 23, 2013
First Show. Gateway drug. Need to buy this again. The Resolution with Snoop/Warren G jam destroyed my brain. I didn't know that a band could be this awesome before this set.