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umphalex February 20, 2013
Ahhhhh, my first UM show! Young and at Bonnaroo to see all my favorite jam bands! This set of UM opened my eyes to appreciate UM as one of the top bands coming up...

When moe came on and then Michael Travis too I didnt even know what was going on, it blew my mind!

Highlights were definitely the jam in resolution which is long and tasty, along with a nothin too fancy and bright lights that has made me do 48 shows to date!

This whole set though is just pure UM energy and if you've never heard the download I would strongly suggest it!

DBONES August 14, 2015
My first UM show, also. Incredible show. They played for what seemed like the whole night and it didn't stop because moe. takes over one by one during "Jam" and filled the intermission with a few moe. originals before turning it back over to the boys.

DBONES February 21, 2022
Greatest Umphreys show I’ve seen. Nothing too fancy is a beast but every song is done very well and the moe. parts are fun. Moe came out one by one and took over the instruments from umphreys so umphreys could take a breather. Chuck was playing the Jameson whiskey that night and we stayed up past bed time.