Reviews attached to October 27, 2015

MusicIsLife October 29, 2015
You'll have to forgive the spelling mistakes in my review of night one. Seems I can't edit it. Night 2. Any consecutive show we should all remember 3 simple rules. Rage. Rest. Repeat. I mean REPEAT night 2 was just more enjoyable. Found company with people I met night one and when you make new friends its always a better show.

Didn't know what to expect given what was done to my brain night 1. Shout out to Brendan Joel Chris Andy Ryan and Jake who didn't get enough love. One weird thing I realized no Joel Chant night 1... The slack was picked up night 2 but lets start with the Preamble. Nice! 1st time seeing it but you always know that Mantis is going to follow. But we got the Mantis Ghets, Mantis 2/3rds. But it was the greatest 2/3rds I've heard and experienced. I saw them playing it all singing and I was singing along, although not as well. All I can say is when you remember what a Song is like after seeing it live you develop a deeper connection with that song. I have a new appreciation for mantis. Moving on. Alexs House... everyone was groovin'out to the light show I'm pretty sure that its rare. So I felt lucky. But it went into 40's! JAKE THREW IT DOWN that was hype. ABSOULUTELY NO ONE IN THIS BAND IS A SLOUCH Brendan was solid, Joel was steady. Chris is always mystifying to me. He's the hardest working guy and the quietest, well him and Andy. Andy is the essential percussive support that really helps fill the gaps. Ryan's usally good for 1 thing to the crowd. Night 1 was I think you guys are the loudest crowd ever. Wicked version. Moving on Example 1 with Demolition Man tease(so cool) was not only good transition musically in my opinion kept the vibe going. I remember that Brendan and Jake brought out the 2 custom really block looking guitars for this they seemed to have fun playing them and the sound was good but, not as good as their regular guitars. I had no clue what to expect next. Then, Room To Breathe AAAHH so good. Only to be followed up by a No Diablo that really hit home with the crowd and took the vibe to 11. The In the Black was super impressive because it went straight into Mantis end set 1. I had to pee since Mantis so I booked it to the bathroom and then bought more beer.

Set 2 You see what happens when you chant Joel.
Divisions opener. Divisions is a great song. One of my favourites. But I was honestly glad it was played right away. The Roundabout tease was unexpected and 100% awesome. Dump City was SO GOOD but people kept asking me what song it was and that sucked. Little Gift never heard before it was a beautifully written song. INTO SLACKER What! Boosh! Totally into it. I think this was when the Joel Chant happened then Conduit. It might have been after Conduit but I remember the chant and partaking in its glory. JOEL, JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL I also remember Brendan saying Do you see what happens when you chant Joel. LIFE DURING EXODUS IS WHAT HAPPENS with a wicked Fleetwood Mac tease(Riannon )and a 1348 encore is what happens! So epic. I hope I never lose my memories of these 2 nights at the Georgia Theatre.

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