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03.29.2003 The Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO, USA

Set 1: Get In The Van[1], Hajimemashite > Dump City[2], Uncle Wally, 40's Theme[3] > Last Man Swerving[4], YYZ

Set 2: Intro > The Triple Wide > Drums[5] > The Triple Wide[5] > Sociable Jimmy, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Mulche's Odyssey > Pay the Snucka[6], The Crooked One

Encore: Push the Pig[7]

[1] with a false start; the band left the stage for two minutes
[2] with "Zsa Zsa Gabor, Fifi" lyric
[3] with Jamie Janover on Toys R' Us guitar and percussion; with Boyz-n-the-Hood (Eazy-E) quote from Brendan and "Zsa Zsa Gabor, Fifi" lyrics
[4] with Jamie Janover on percussion, Thunderstruck (AC/DC) tease, and Brendan and Jake on keys
[5] with Jamie Janover on percussion
[6] part III only
[7] with November Rain (Guns N' Roses) ending

this show was simulcast on the Digital Club Network
with Birthday (The Beatles) tease by Ryan before Push the Pig

Support: Psychedelic Breakfast
Reviews: 1 review(s)

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Fan Reviews

Review by McLSucks, posted 18 October 2012 3:54 pm EDT

A historic show for so many reasons. I implore all serious Umphreaks to check this one out over at Archive.org

the show opened with a funny Get in the Van gag...they played the false start of the song...and then walked back off stage.

The 40's Theme with Jamie Janover on toy guitar has to be heard to be believed. It remains one of the most mindblowing "how the hell did they do that so well" moments. They way the band traded licks with the toy guitar is hilarious and musically impressive at the same time. This then turned into the oft repeated Zsa Zsa Gabore jam, and then a fantastic full-fledged stwart after it before returning to 40's.

The Zsa Zsa jam would make it's glorious return on 4/28/12 after many years in hibernation...but the coolest part is that they also brought back the 2nd part of the 40's stew and made it a vocal stewart.

Second set opens with a 24 minute triple wide that features a lot of patient, ambient jamming. a must hear.

The other historic aspect is the stewart out of Mulche's that features the first appearance of instrumental sections from both Ocean Billy and Wife Soup.

Push the Pig with November Rain ending was also hilarious.

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