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02.14.2006 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, USA

Set 1: Example 1, 40's Theme, Uncommon, Plunger > Last Man Swerving[1] > Mail Package, Ocean Billy

Set 2: Andy's Last Beer > Kimble, Women Wine and Song, In Violation of Yes[2], The Fuzz[3] > Nopener, Professor Wormbog[4], Mulche's Odyssey > Immigrant Song[5]

Encore: Miss Tinkle's Overture

[1] with Seven Seas of Rhye (Queen) tease from Joel
[2] with The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) tease
[3] with Partyin' Peeps jam
[4] with "Cheney's Got A Gun" verse, sung to the tune of "Janie's Got A Gun" (Aerosmith)
[5] one verse only

Before the encore, Kris was on guitar and Brendan was on drums for a Valentine's Day jam.

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Fan Reviews

Review by cMags, posted 04 November 2012 2:23 pm EST

This show was probably the drunkest I have ever been, and the loosest I have ever seen the band (rivaled by only the acoustic 4/5/09 show at Toad's 3 years later.) I took the Peter Pan bus down from Providence for this, and me and my buddies at Conn College got absolutely blasted for this show.

The jam in the Last Man Swerving is definitely worth checking out as the rest of the set isn't very noteworthy.

At set break, my friend got kicked out of the venue 3 separate times, but got let in again each time. He ran into Jen Hartswick at some point and went up to her and said "Will you sign my ticket stub saying 'I played with Trey?'" She looked at him and just gave him a flat out "No."

The 2nd set an encore are noteworthy for the amount of between song banter that was going on. The show was on Valentine's Day, and considering that UM show's are about 85% men, the band was kind of poking fun that almost everyone there didn't have dates. The jam before Tinkle's had Myer's on Guitar and Brendan on Drums and was in the feel of Brendan is gay and what not. You could tell the band was just going all out cause they knew the crowd was rowdy and loose.

On tape it's not one of my favorite shows, but the experience as a hammered 20 year old single college student was one to be remembered for a lifetime.

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