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07.19.2006 The Pines Theatre at Look Park, Northampton, MA, USA

Set 1: Out Of Order > Passing > Soul Food I > Roulette, Rocker, White Man's Moccasins[1]

Set 2: The Fuzz > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Uncommon, Walking On The Moon, End of the Road > 2x2, Bridgeless

Encore: Nemo, Mail Package[2]

Soundcheck: Walking On the Moon, Baba O'Reilly, Uncommon, Mail Package, Passing

[1] with Burning Down the House (Talking Heads) teases
[2] with Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) tease

with You Really Got Me (Van Halen) tease after Roulette
with Is There Anybody Out There? (Pink Floyd) tease before Bridgeless

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Fan Reviews

Review by cMags, posted 04 November 2012 10:05 pm EST

After the almost broken toe incident of the prior night, I almost didn't make it to this show. I went back home and got my foot wrapped up, and then made the drive out with my friend Scott.

The venue was absolute beautiful and I hope the band makes it out here again. The place was empty, as in it holds probably 2,000 people and there were probably 200 people here.

Out of Order has a 3 minute jam coming out of it and Soul Food has one of the hardest peaking jams I have ever heard.

Set break was really cool as the entire band hung out with the crowd, including Joel and Andy tossing the frisbee around in the park. I met Myers for the first time and he said that the place had a "Stephen King vibe" which I thought was pretty funny.

This show featured the debut of the Rock Fuzz which was awesome, and had a sick transition into Tinkles. Walking on the Moon was a great cover for the venue and Mail Package stew was cool to see as an encore.

I really hope they come back to this place this summer, as they would definitely fill it up a lot more than they did that beautiful night in July.

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