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09.13.2008 "Harvest Music Festival" Mulberry Mountain, Ozark, AR, USA

Set 1: Slacker, Der Bluten Kat[1] > Atmosfarag > Der Bluten Kat[2], Mullet (Over)

Set 2: Front Porch[3] > Resolution[4] > Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)[5], Young Lust, Nothing Too Fancy > FF > Higgins

Encore: August > Nothing Too Fancy[6] > The Song Remains the Same[7]

[1] "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
[2] with Willie the Pimp (Frank Zappa) jam and Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) and Xxplosive (Dr. Dre) teases
[3] with Jake on drums and Kris on vocals for a portion
[4] with Norwegian Wood (The Beatles) jam; with Bill McKay on keys
[5] debut, Sly and the Family Stone; with Bill McKay on keys
[6] with The Triple Wide tease
[7] with The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) ending

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Fan Reviews

Review by FrontPorchesR4Sittin, posted 30 October 2012 5:18 pm EDT

Hurricane Ike epicness.
Main stage rained out, practice gear set up in the coverd Harvest Tent.
Rain like I've never seen before; mud above my ankles, tent and many other things destroyed/blown away.
Next morning, all roads leaving the Mountain were closed (downed trees).
Most insane show I have seen to date.

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