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02.16.2012 The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC, USA

Set 1: Gurgle[1] > Resolution > White Man's Moccasins, The Bottom Half, Miss Gradenko, Women Wine and Song -> Miami Virtue > The Floor

Set 2: Tribute to the Spinal Shaft > Mulche's Odyssey, Dear Prudence, The Triple Wide -> 1348, Soul Food I[2] -> Puppet String

Encore: Syncopated Strangers[3] > Waiting Room

[1] debut, original
[2] with Soul Food II jam intro
[3] with Breezin' (George Benson) teases

last Miss Gradenko 07.15.2007 (523 shows)

Support: The Mantras
Purchase via UMLive: 02.16.2012, The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC
Reviews: 2 review(s)

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Fan Reviews

Review by GreatSloo, posted 19 October 2012 2:21 pm EDT

To say the least THIS SHOW WAS FIRE! This was my first real full 2 set over a year after my first exposure at Warren Haynes Xmas Jam and Ive heard maybe 2 or 3 other 2012 shows so far that can compare. The yams are incredible. The covers are SICK. And the segues are groovy.
This room is awesome by the way. Stasik's grooves could be felt bumping through the floor and walls throughout the venue.
The debut of Gurgle sent the energy through the roof and Reso let it swim around the crowd like phantom ecstacy, melting every face in its path. This Reso jam was on the ballot for Raw Stewage and with good reason. The rest of the 1st set speaks for itself. The seque into WMM was sharp and unexpected, Gradenko was an amazing surprise, the Stew in MV was sweet as can be, and I dont think I've ever heard the Floor played with such emotion as it was that night.
Set 2 didnt disappoint. Tribute>Mulche's was every bit as crazy as it sounds. Prudence was heaven. 3X>1348 featured very energetic jams lead by Stasik. Then the Soul Food Medley> Puppet string put the nails in the coffin. Last but not least, Syncopated>Waiting Room left everyone wanting more. I dont think Ive ever been so dumbfouned by a night of music. Listen to this show!

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Review by drumking, posted 19 January 2013 12:14 pm EST

Ive seen my fare share of UM shows and this one could possibly be the best show Ive seen them play. As far as consistency, patient playing, segues and song selection this is a barn burner for sure. Not being bias at all since it was my best friend Robs b-day Gradenko! We kind of helped make this happen. As long as you request ahead of time and it makes since they will deliver. And this show def delivers, the most listened UM show in my collection after seeing them since 03 says a lot.

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