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02.06.2015 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN, USA

Set 1: Catshot > Mullet (Over), Educated Guess, Puppet String, Alex's House > Snake Juice > I Want You (She's So Heavy), Eat, Rocker[1], Rocker Part 2

Set 2: Believe the Lie, Booth Love > Nothing Too Fancy > Women Wine and Song > Den > Kashmir, Intentions Clear[2] > Glory[3] > Nothing Too Fancy[4]

Encore: All In Time[5]

[1] with Brendan on acoustic guitar
[2] with Milestones (Miles Davis) teases
[3] with Simple Gifts (Joseph Brackett Jr.) teases in intro
[4] with Stranglehold (Ted Nugent) jam
[5] "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics

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Fan Reviews

Review by WappyStrings28, posted 09 February 2015 4:22 pm EST

If only there were words to describe this night. Easily the best setlist I have ever seen or heard live, Puppet String and Rocker 2 are some of the best jams I've heard possibly ever. Not to mention the 6 first set rarities.

I Want You (She's So Heavy) nearly caused the Ryman to crumble to do the energy in the room. The crowd was into it from note one. Not to mention the first ever and absolutely incredible Rocker, Rocker 2 combo.

Second set is near perfection, whether it's improv or standard songs the placement and execution of everything is seriously A+ stuff. All In Time encore featured the latest "Cigarette Cables" lyrical stew.

This was seriously one of the best shows I have ever seen, the room was insane and the energy was indescribable. Very thankful to have been in attendance.

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