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07.16.2015 Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, MA, USA

One Set: JaJunk, The Bottom Half > Anchor Drops > The Linear[1] > Non-Compliance, Plunger > Mad Love, Hindsight, Hurt Bird Bath, Puppet String

Encore: Booth Love[2] > Der Bluten Kat > Hajimemashite > Der Bluten Kat

[1] with White Man's Moccasins teases
[2] with Eminence Front (The Who) lyrics and tease

Support: Lettuce
Purchase via UMLive: 07.16.2015, Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, MA
Reviews: 1 review(s)

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Fan Reviews

Review by pmahon, posted 11 January 2017 8:46 pm EST

First off, great show, just wish it was longer. Lettuce was a cool opening act, however, not many were there to enjoy it unfortunately.
Because of the co-headline, they got a shorter set but they got right to work. Junk was solid right out of the gate, and the bottom>anchor>linear>non-compliance was great. They have not played non-compliance alot, which is a shame cause it has a sweet riff and a top 5 stew song for me. Plunger was a weird kinda funky different jam, and clearly pretty good as it landed on the HOF 2015. The rest of the set was great too, nothing crazy, but great songs with solid jams throughout. The encore for me, made the show. Booth Love with the Eminence jam into DBK was so cool. Haji is always great and the back half of DBK finished off a truly solid night for the guys. Cheers.

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