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3x40oz November 14, 2014
Setlist orgasm. At the time, I remember leaving the show wondering what the hell they would play the next few nights. It seemed like they were unloading all of their heavy hitter songs in one go. Standalone Kitchen and Bridgeless are the highlights of the first set. Kitchen started with some uplifting JC/BB riffs and kept that progression going for a bit, allowing Joel a nice little Rhodes solo. BB cleaned the slate, and the band (particularly Joel and his synth) turned the vibe towards an extremely dance-friendly feel after a pretty heavily teased return to the composition. The eventual return to Kitchen from the second theme of 'prov was very patient and nicely done. Bridgeless's jam really took off over an ominous, plodding bassline from Stasik, doubled by Joel on synth, and the playing stayed loose, covering a fair amount of ground. Catching a Haunt was a treat and the jam leading out of it was enjoyable but a step below the Kitchen and Bridgeless jams, for my taste. Divisions was a fairly concise version.

Conduit had a nice jam to start the second set strong, but I can't recall anything else being particularly noteworthy. When they fired up N2F for the encore, I got excited, with visions of a standalone encore monster a la 10/17/2007 dancing in my head, so it was a bit disappointing to have the lyricless covers take the place of any improv.

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