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McLSucks October 18, 2012
A Minnesota Vikings bar in Louisville, KY on a Tuesday night. Even back in 2003, one of those instances where you knew the band could kick back and be loose. The opening "DCI jam" (which was meant to poke fun at the DCI instructional videos that involve the musicians soloing in rounds) turned into a 14 minute monster with a glorious peak...yet further proof in the first two weeks of the Myers era that these guys weren't going to be slowing down. The riff that Jake starts 11:08...and then him and bb trade back and forth and build off of for the next 3 minutes is what St. Peter should have playing at the pearly gates...

Soul Food I was playful with a bunch of teases

The last appearance of the Thelonius Monk tune, Well You Needn't is noteworthy...another of those early jazz tunes that slowly faded into oblivion.

The Pure Imagination tease during Padgett's is pretty damn cool, but the Anchor Drops is my highlight of the second set. A lengthy, across the board, multi-sectional stewart that found its way into The Breeders' Cannonball, but then settled into a reggae groove that I still can't get out of my head, commonly referred to as "Ragamuffin." I don't know of any earlier appearances of Ragamuffin, it did pop up again on 4/1/03 (which was included in the Raw Stewage) and 4/22/03, and then again at UMBowl III during the S2 set. If you know of any other version, please let me know!

sometimes you got to be a ragamuffin
and a mine mine mine mine mine

stand tall/firm with two feet on the ground
with two feet on the ground
lord have mercy

Glory > Snucka III encore is classic UMnanigans

other than that, fairly solid playing...but it's the intro jam, Soul Food I and Anchor Drops for which you should check out this show over at

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