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alexankh December 2, 2012
My first umphreys show.

This is a first set that features almost no improv outside of the opening JO. This opening JO is a dark, bass driven theme that offers some nice keyboard support from Jake early on with dueling guitar riffs toward the end. I always hoped for this JO to pop up again, but it hasn't yet so far. Alex's house replaces both segments of improv usually associated with DBK. I think this works nicely, the outro of alex's house drops nicely into the end of DBK. I frequently revisit this opening 40 min segment.

The second set picks up some steam with N2F. During the lengthy jam (track length is about 23 mins for the first half), Allen from the biscuits replaces Kris on the drums (for his birthday jam!). The first half of the jam is kind of lackluster, not much going on, then Allen kicks up the tempo and the jam starts to take off. FF was a treat at my first show, it was and always has been a favorite of mine. The improv out of FF is downtempo and showcases some soaring guitar riffs from jake and a nice jam that leads back into the ending of N2F. Brendan breaks out the booty wax for the hangover reprise and gets the crowd involved with the set 2 closer.

Standard snucka encore. During jakes solo section, I remember he was playing with this massive novelty size pick. This thing was the size of a dinner plate. It was kinda cool to watch and hear him rip it up as bras and panties were thrown on stage. Snucka ends as the boys wish us safely on our way home and warn us in the distorted voice not to let strange people touch us in any weird way.

A fun show, nothing too mindblowing, but we all have to start somewhere

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