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bennyjamz January 6, 2024
12 years later I remember this show vividly. (Currently Jan. 6 2024) Brendan came out on stage, Sunday afternoon 2 ish pm, SUN beating down on the crowd>almost all the boys have sunglasses on and you can tell its been a hell of a weekend of hardwork and a shitload of fun. > I can't remember if it was before they started or after a song or two but I clearly remember Brendan looking out at the crowd and just saying "Its hot as balls out here"     I don't think he said anything like 'drink water' or anything else, it was just the straight truth that it was the hottest part of the day nearing the end of a fucking awesome weekend. He just acknowldged the moment. It was beautiful. I got to share this show with one of my best friends, maybe the the smartest person I've known who was my peer, A genius, he passed in August 2020. We had so much fun at this show, we witnessed the debut of Crucial Taunt, introduced along the lines of "Can we play a new song for you?" (Ya go for it) Tom and I looked at eachother after that song and we just fucking locked in on agreement that this band is special, we knew in that moment that they could/would push forward while being true to themselves and having fun. (bUt they didn't fucking around) We understood the commitment to quality, if this was a new song and it was this tight, then we're dealing with a band that we thought was the fucking best but they're giving us new reasons, more evidence of why. It was hot as balls and we'd been after it all weekend with the best of em. I love this memory. Cheers to Tommy G. RIP 

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