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bennyjamz January 6, 2024
I remember buying 6 Tickets to this show and telling everyone in the crew to grab their own and we would rangle the straglers  on the hope and promise that the whole crew (two car loads) would head down together. (Guelph/Toronto Ont.) to Buffalo. Fact: The Town Ballroom is one of the best venues in the world. In the world. Everyone got their own tickets and I ended up with 5 extra as we headed down in 1 car. I figured I would offer them up for somewhere between free and face when we got down to the venue. I remember walking the alley way towards the venue and it was crowded. This dude came up and said 'ticekts' I just said I have some extras (cause I thougt he was selling/scalping' but his eyes lit up and he said how many do you have theres 6 of us and it sold out today.  I said, 'Oh wow, I have 5' He said fuck ya, we found 1 already how much do you want? I said 'face' he couldn't believe it, he yelled for all his buddies. They were so stoked. Fast forward to the open w/ National Anthem. Ryan knew exactly what the fuck he was doing rocking that bassline to start the show. Confusing everyone into thinking 'Who does this, what the fuck? This is awesome' What a moment. I cleary remmeber the backlit white strobe lights during Mulches to close the first set. Jake, Ryan and Brendan were more or less perched on the monitors like a bunch of preying Mantis' flying x-wings. FUck ya !

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