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bobbyluv November 1, 2012
When it comes to UM at Summercamp, I think this is THE show that Umphreaks would agree is the top dog. Up to 2008, UM had slowly been usurping their dominance over Summercamp leading up to this show. 2006 saw the 1st time that UM got a headlining set/show on the 'main stage' and that began the ascension up the SC throne. 2007 also gave UM a headlining show, but 2008 set the stage for SC to be UM's festie to dominate, if ya ask me.
1st set began with ideal weather. Cool and sunny.

Strong Floor out of the gates that segued nicely into Mitten rife with Jetson's teases. Nothing super noteworthy here, but solid nonetheless. The real fireworks came with what quite possibly may be the best Utopian ever. Super lengthy jam that gets super dancey with Kris nailing on the e-drums. There are 3 distinct sections to the improv, each one topping the other culminating to an amazing peak. Killer soundbites from Big Lebowski and GoodFellas sprinkled throughout. Top Shelf UM at its finest!!!

In between sets the temperature dropped a good 10 degrees, and the start of the set saw the boys in hoodies and long sleeves.

Strong intro>Mulche's was fast and furious but the real fireworks began with the Divisions>Phil's>Divisions. GREAT segue into Phil's (super slinky) and this Phil's is not to be missed. They deviate so far from the theme that it goes unfinished>>>Divisions.

DBK>Wappy>DBK is a super strong combo as well. Once the DBK finishes, there was no doubt that UM had played their best set to date at Summercamp.

Shine On encore just seemed to fit perfectly.
After this show is where we met Nickmo! Great night indeed!!

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