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driver February 15, 2013
Wow. This was a great show at a great little venue. There was mass confusion about what time the band was actually going on. Initially it was listed as 8:30, then someone said their was an opener, and then someone said they'd go on at 8:00. To be safe, we made sure we were in the venue by 8:00, which was great since the band went on pretty promptly at 8:15.

The Theatre was TINY. Not a bad seat in the whole place, and the balcony looked like it raged hard. It was also a dry venue, which was a first for me, but no one seemed to mind since security was really chill.

Miss Tinkle's opened really, really strong and kicked off the night in pretty rockin' fashion. Walletsworth was well done, but I thought the Domino Theory jam stalled a bit and they ended up pulling out of it, thankfully. Intentions Clear was a jaw dropper with the band taking things down to a trickle while Waful killed all of the lights. This led into an okay Push the Pig and, as always, a rager of The Floor to close Set I.

Set II opened with a nice Fussy Dutchman and led to an okay Red Tape. In the Kitchen really got the crowd moving, but I thought the jam was uninspired. Thin Air was fantastic--maybe the best I've ever heard Joel play. The Beatles cover was a nice breather and raged the venue pretty good. Kabump was a TREAT. The rode the jam for a long time until Stasik finally unplugged and the band ended gently to close a nice Set II.

The Talking Heads cover for an encore was nice, and the Booth Love jam was nasty.

Highlights: Miss Tinkle's, Intentions Clear, Thin Air, Kabump.

If you get a chance, see the band at this venue. They did not disappoint.

driver December 12, 2012
Much of this show is a little bit hazy for me, but it was probably the trippiest UM show I've ever seen. Check out the Push the Pig (the guitar sound drips out of the amps in a most psychedelic way.

Reelin' in the Years was a crowd favorite, and the Ringo jam is worth a listen, as well.

All in all a very fun show in a very awesome little venue.

driver December 12, 2012
This might have been some of the best UM I've seen to date. The place was packed. While I'm not a huge fan of this venue overall, the energy was good.

Eat and Got Your Milk made for a nice beginning to the show, and the Turn & Dub was excellent.

Second set was really what made this show, though. August was nice and the JJ>WW>JJ was top notch. The WW jam is a must listen.

This encore was perhaps the best UM encore I've seen. Nemo was a treat that I hope I see again soon, and the King Crimson sandwich was nice. Red was SUPER dark, and Waful absolutely crushed it with the lights. If you can find video, do it. I wish that the band had finished with the vocal harmony left hanging, though, rather than coming back in for the final chord. All in all a very solid show.

driver December 12, 2012
My first UM show. I walked/stumbled in completely unaware of the band or what I was about to see.

Though I certainly don't think this is the best UM I've ever seen, the set list placement for this show is spectacular and offered an extremely cohesive, fluid experience from beginning to end.

Highlights: Shine On You Crazy Diamond (I will never forget that spacey intro. My god.) and the entire encore, which just brought down the house. Definitely worth your time to listen.

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