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knowerofmanythings October 27, 2012

This was my 4th show. It was a wild show filled with samples, awesome banter, and really unique jams and fun covers. Well basically what every UM show is. Plus, it was quite an adventure to get there to say the least. Let's begin.


After my flight got delayed multiple times a 45 minutes flight from Cleveland to Chicago ended up to be super duper stressful and if you know my concert anxiety I was a nervous wreck.I am pretty sure I could have driven to Chicago for as long as I was at the airport.

Finally I arrived Chicago. My buddy picked me up and then it was off to Urbana. I think it was snowed and it took forever to drive there. I was ready to rage.

As we walked in the venue Joel& Pony started "August." We had made itI It was a mad house in there. It was like new years in April. People were hammered and wanted to rage. I was not too familiar with the band at this point so we watched Budney's light show for a while. Then moved to Bayliss' side, then Jake's. The August jam was awesome. Each section cooler than the next.

The whole first set was one seamless transition. There was a really cool wah-wah Jake led solo to made it's way into "Utopian Fir." There were really raunchy funky jams in this version. Each section was drastically different than the next. This "Fir" I compare every "Fir" I've ever heard to.

The "Passing" was great. It had a graceful transition from Fir. Great segue led from the Wizard led to "Andy's Last Beer."

"Have you guy's been boozin?" BB

"This sounds really Fucked up" Jaco

"Sounds like a wash" BB

The "13 days" mixed up the rager. This calmed down the audience. Not really.

"All right Champaign!" Kris yelled as he channeled Diamond Dave prior to "Running with the Devil."

I though what can't these guys do? and that drummer can fucking sing. Next up was "All In Time."

People hooted and hollered. It was a great version. Jaco went crazy. The percussion was off the wall. I was more than hooked.

What a first set!

Set 2.

The "Miss Tinkles Overture" started things off. Kris pounded the snare. The dual guitar attack took off. A great jam led by Jaco. The first jam got weird. Then branched out and incorperated Rockwell's "Somebody's watching Me" teases. Who does that? It went multiple mind bending places prior to resurfacing and ending the overture.

This "Resolution" scarred me for life with the "Welcome" sample in the beginning portion of the song.

Thanks Farag!

The jams were fun. Over all over the place. The Wizard had a great organ solo. They were jams that made me think about the potential of the band.

"Sociable Jimmy" had perfect placement. Bayliss altered the lyrics. Joel had a killer Rhodes solo.

"Joel Cummins on the keys"

Bayliss mentioned it was Steve & Bebop's birthday as well Budney's. I think every night UM played in '05 it was Budney's birthday or at to the shows I attended or bought. He must be as old as Joel now.

Amsterdam & Ozzy jokes galore.

"Ozzy" led to a cool beatbox intro for "Atmosfarag." Some how they pulled off a transition that was very 'Jim-Morrison-in-the-desert' sounding jam into "Blackwater." Jake & Bayliss added Badunkadunk at the end.

Kris had some great commentary after this song.

"America! Fuck yea" Kris

"You tend to bitch and moan" Jaco

I loved what they teased in "Prowler" and that led to "Glory." Jaco went ballistic.

"This next song is about getting drunk" was the intro to "Last Man Swerving" a lot of Umspeak in this one. Then Bam! They didn't hold back at all went right into the "Dump City."

The banter is funny before "Mulche's." The "Welcome" re appeared and then there was paradigm & chicken banter.

Stasik was "Wastic" and started the song. The jam was intense for all intents and purposes.

The encore was "A 5th of Beethoven." Bayliss smoked a square on stage and he made fun of Joel. It was a great way to end the show. The 5th rocked.

And I was thought about where my 5 UM show was going to be.

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