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umphalex July 4, 2013
One set never sounds all that great anymore before you go, but they always treat summerfest really well and this was no exception.

Big fan of "Le Blitz" as an opener, really gets the UM vibe and crunchy guitar jams rolling....

It's been a long time since we've gotten turn and dub, and this ones jam goes all over the place...its really sick. Robot world's jimmy takes a darker turn and ends up being some pretty heavy jam.

Out of order is such a great tune and I personally think it should get more play because it is one of those classic UM sounding tunes...Let's dance of course brought the funk vibe and Sinclair on the sax was a nice treat!

Rest of show is awesome as well, but the dear lord in the encore with sprinkling rain really had an impact on the crowd and was one of those beautiful moments.

P.S. Joel announced before the encore that Milwaukee would be treated to year 2 of Halloween at the Riverside, and this year is 3 nights: 10-31 thru 11-2!!! Thank you UM! Wisco loves you!

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