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xanbo May 17, 2020
It's no coincidence that I'm writing this immediately after watching the incredible Prince and the Revolution Live '85 limited-time stream on Youtube for a COVID-19 fundraiser. Guitarist Wendy Melvoin's first performance with Prince was right here at First Avenue in the city where The Revolution began.

You might be a little disappointed to scan the setlist and find no mention of the bloused one, but something greater began the night prior 2/8 and lasted through 2/11 - all Umphrey's original tunes without a single repeat, seemingly in response to the criticism they were a glorified cover band lacking a deep catalog. The "No Repeats No Covers ter" (in the parlance of the times) was not announced (never even officially acknowledged in any way that I'm aware of), the "cover band" slander was well known to fans, and by the end of this night in Minneapolis the opening notes of every original song became an FU to anyone who failed to consider that perhaps the real Revolution was the one we made whilst gettin' in the van.

Aside from what the other reviewer mentioned, also check out Kabump (here or any other show where it appears).

PS - releasing all four nights of this run would be a pretty swell idea.

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