Reviews attached to August 10, 2019

mscalzo54 September 27, 2019
I'm pretty new to UM. Got into them after seeing the Soundstage video on AXS TV. So I started watching and listening to them on Music-You Tube and bought a couple of albums on iTunes. So I'm a mature fan of 65 and I really wanted to see them in concert, so I bought my brother-in-law a ticket so he'd go to the show with me. Got there early and was almost in the front row.

The music was awesome, although I only recognized 7 of the 17 songs. The thing that made the concert was when they played Ocean Billy, my favorite UM song in the second set. I later found out that I could actually buy the concert. I've been listening to it constantly and am more impressed with it every day. They are an amazing group. I was so lucky to hear Hajimemashite, Draconian, Miss Tinkle's Overture to expand my familiarity with UM's songs. While I originally thought their cover of Layla was OK, listening over and over was a great song to set up Gulf Stream for the finale.

I loved this concert... it was the highlight of my summer. I will definitely be looking for the opportunity to see UM again.

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