Reviews attached to February 26, 2010

mja271 October 18, 2012
Solid show. This was probably the first time I saw UM and left without really feeling the high that they normally give me, but it was not without its moments. The first set started off great with nice jams in Bottom Half and Higgins, but never really picked back up. Always nice to see Uncle Wally pop up, but the In The Kitchen and Push the Pig sit ins were very disappointing and never really took off. The second set was definitely a different story. I love Mantis, so that was a great start and Ocean Billy was strong with a nice -> into 2nd Self. The DBK/Zep segment was great with the exception of a bit of an awkward segue into the cover. The Triple Wide was above average and a nice set ender. The encore was also a bit standard, but a solid way to leave a show. Overall, the show was just a bit lacking. The band never really fully hit their stride I feel, but still a good time.

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