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danoc January 29, 2013
Wasn't able to catch Leave Me Las Vegas due to the fact that NYC cab drivers are idiots, further more...40's Theme immediately grabbed everyones attention to make it clear there was no messing around in the Beacon. Conduit jammed hard got the energy flowing through what was a slow crowd for the most part. Roulette was a good in between song for conduit and NTF. Ocean Billy was fucking killer. 20 minutes or so, Weird Fishes was pretty cool considering they've only played it 4 other times. Good cover, plunger was good way to end the set i prefer the one from the Fillmore on Halloween more. 2nd Set: Puppet String which rocked the house down(unfinished, saw it coming form a while away), the linear put it back together and professor wormbog was really cool, big fan of that. wappy sprayberry was killer, 1st time seeing that and the light show was unreal. Example 1 with the sax was awesome, huge fan of that song. easily the best of the night. Exodus had a ton of energy and really had the beacon freaking out. Booth Love was expected but was very well played, finished by Puppet String. Great show overall...the crowd was sleeping in NYC. not a philly crowd thats for sure UM.

dubzz February 1, 2013
I can commiserate with danoc, missed the intro and most of 40's due to tough travels from Boston.

N2F > Ocean Billy was monstrous and well overdue in the past few shows. There is a great Jake solo to close it out. Although I'm not a tremendous Radiohead fan, those who like them will really enjoy the rare Weird Fishes cover. Plunger was a great heavy hitter to close the first set.

22 minutes of domination to start the second set with Strings. The entire follow up was a continual rager. Wormborg, Wappy, Ex1 w/ sax were wonderful. Wappy jam was more smooth than too metal. Finally, the Life During Exodus had the crowd going absolute NUTS! Loved the Heads tribute in NY and first replay since it's intro at Milwaukee. Not a huge Booth Love fan myself, but I enjoyed it. The reprise of Strings was expected and welcomed, great close to their first performance at the Beacon.

Personal Highlights: Wappy > Ex1, LDE

wanderingsun May 10, 2013
i was in ny working on hurricane sandy. my last day of work was the same day as this show. dropped some cash on a front row ticket to reward myself for 3 months of lonely, crappy work... wound up meeting my now-boyfriend, who was in the second row.

in two weeks, i'm moving to new york to be with him. but first! he's coming to my hometown for the hangout, where we're going to get a prefest um show.. then we're driving to new york together, but stopping into summercamp on the way.

tl;dr this show changed my life.

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