Reviews attached to October 20, 2012

mrtokesmoke October 23, 2012
first set was all jams got heavier in the second set but ended with a weak encore cutting a cover before the floor

TheFearlessFool October 23, 2012
I had a blast at this show in my hometown on Saturday night! Took a bunch of Umphreys virgins who were blown away... I absolutely loved the 2nd set, but could have used another encore... Then again, I could always use another umphreys encore!! First time hearing the Triple Wide in person, it was the sheeeet! PS: Hate this venue, too many rules (HOUSE OF RULES!)

Labattman October 28, 2012
2nd time at Cleveland HOB. Gotta agree, heavy on the security. (Those poor hot body surfers being groped by the crowd, then escorted out by the heavies.) Solid show, BB tore it up, killer cover of Temple of the Dog tune. Jake played back a bit. I like that he can do that comfortably & still rock us. Great show.

kiefwahoo216 November 3, 2012
Loved the Phil's sandwich, Example 1 was funky, sick jam in Domino Theory. Thin Air with In the Hall of the Mountain King ending! Sunglasses at Night in the Triple Wide was epic! 22min DBK?! Awesome show overall, my third, second time at House of Blues. I have to say though, I really dislike this venue. Security guards are very rude, the bar offers no craft beers at all, and its like $8 for a tall yuengling.

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