Reviews attached to September 1, 2012

September 1, 2012 Umphrey's McGeeUnion ParkChicago, IL, USA "North Coast Music Festival"
HarrisonRose January 4, 2013
I was so happy to hear thats Umphrey's was playing at North Coast again since I wasn't old enough to go the first year. Me and my buddy were at Atmosphere so we missed the first little bit of gurgle, but then we came in for Ocean Billy and the boys brought the thunder it was amazing Brendan sounded beautiful on this and Miami Virtue. Then hearing Mantis Ghetts was awesome since they play it so rarely. Crucial Taunt pumps everyone up just so they can smooth it all out into a sexy Daft Punk cover with Voyager. After they tore it up with Push The Pig they segued into JaJunk which was so delightfully jamtastic. Finally for the much wanted encore Brendan starts in with Puppet String which is followed by Jake so wonderfully going in on Eminence Front and then a strong finish with Puppet String again.
This is the fourth Umphrey's McGee show i've been to and they have yet to dissapoint.

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