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10.20.2000 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL, USA

One Set: Muff II: The Revenge > Q*Bert > Example 1 > Trenchtown Rock, Prowler > 2nd Self > Professor Wormbog, Much Obliged > Hajimemashite > Soul Food I[1], All Things Ninja, Billie Jean, Hair Band Medley[2], All Night Long[3], Sociable Jimmy, August, Phil's Farm

[1] debut, original (Ali Baba's Tahini composition)
[2] with I Remember You (Skid Row) and Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Poison)
[3] with Sociable Jimmy intro

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Fan Reviews

Review by McLSucks, posted 20 October 2012 11:09 am EDT

On this, the 12th anniversary of my first show, I thought I'd share what little I remember about it. They had been hyped up to me by a few friends, including one who'd been seeing them at Notre Dame since the start.

they were really talented...I couldn't tell when one song ended and the next one began.
The Hair Band Medley was *AWFUL*. There was some random girl on-stage singing a song or two, and the band clearly regretted that decision.

but really, my strongest memories about this show don't stem from the music, but my impressions of the band and organization, and how seriously they take the music.

leaving the show, I wasn't sure to think. I taped the show (no idea where the tape actually wound up), and when I went to retrieve my deck, KB told me to throw the tape away or tape over it...that the show was terrible. Vince, an acquaintance of my friend who encouraged me to attend the show, also said something similar, he apologized for a poor show. Weird, right? I didn't think it was that bad...I was entertained and impressed enough to give them another shot at some point (and living in Illinois, those were rather frequent)

The following week, I met Brendan at a Disco Biscuits show in Chicago. He was informed that this had been my first show. He profusely apologized, declaring that I shouldn't judge the band based upon that performance, and hoped I would give them another shot.

Fast-forward 3 years later, a show at the Canopy, I bring up how this was my first show to Pony, sure enough, he had a vivid memory of the show was and expressed shock that I ever returned.

12 years later...they're going strong as ever, playing as consistently as they ever have at any point in their career. So glad I was able to overcome a poor first impression of the music (but a great first impression of everyone involved)

strangely, the All Things Ninja from this show made it onto One Fat Sucka.

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