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02.17.2012 Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, Columbus, OH, USA

Set 1: There's No Crying In Mexico > Eat, Got Your Milk (Right Here) > Out Of Order > Turn & Dub[1] > Der Bluten Kat > Red Tape > Der Bluten Kat

Set 2: Flamethrower > Conduit > End of the Road > August, Burnin' for You[2], JaJunk[3] -> Wellwishers > JaJunk

Encore: Nemo > Red > Nemo

[1] with Live and Let Die (Wings) teases
[2] debut, Blue Öyster Cult
[3] with Cowboys From Hell (Pantera), Walk (Pantera), and Seek & Destroy (Metallica) teases

last Red 10.08.2009 (269 shows)

Support: Twin Cats
Purchase via UMLive: 02.17.2012, LC Pavilion, Columbus, OH
Reviews: 1 review(s)

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Fan Reviews

Review by driver, posted 12 December 2012 10:29 am EST

This might have been some of the best UM I've seen to date. The place was packed. While I'm not a huge fan of this venue overall, the energy was good.

Eat and Got Your Milk made for a nice beginning to the show, and the Turn & Dub was excellent.

Second set was really what made this show, though. August was nice and the JJ>WW>JJ was top notch. The WW jam is a must listen.

This encore was perhaps the best UM encore I've seen. Nemo was a treat that I hope I see again soon, and the King Crimson sandwich was nice. Red was SUPER dark, and Waful absolutely crushed it with the lights. If you can find video, do it. I wish that the band had finished with the vocal harmony left hanging, though, rather than coming back in for the final chord. All in all a very solid show.

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