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09.22.2012 Iroquois Amphitheater, Louisville, KY, USA

Set 1: Catshot > Liberty Echo > Walletsworth, Syncopated Strangers > Deeper > Syncopated Strangers, YYZ, Sociable Jimmy > Sweetness > Got Your Milk (Right Here)[1]

Set 2: Panama, Morning Song, Miss Tinkle's Overture, Push the Pig > Flying > Push the Pig, Conduit > Glory > Conduit, Kimble, Pay the Snucka[2]

Encore: All In Time[3]

[1] with Aron Magner on keys
[2] with The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) jam
[3] with Rock and Roll Part 2 (Gary Glitter) jam

last Flying 10.17.2008 (458 shows)

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Purchase via UMLive: 09.22.2012, Iroquois Park Amphitheater, Louisville, KY
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Fan Reviews

Review by carmelocorn, posted 17 October 2012 5:05 pm EDT

There was a very relaxed, fluid feel to this show. The band was at the end of tour and happy to have a long summer of fests and shows behind them. It almost seemed like this was the show they were waiting for to leave it all on the table. Conduit>Glory>Conduit was very perfectly inspired and Kimble was a treat. Jake was his usually sassy self in Synco and the jam with Magner was straight fire. Lots of teases throughout mixed with a little ghetts and lil old skewl flavor made for a very encompassing show.

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