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02.16.2013 The Orpheum Theatre, Madison, WI, USA

Set 1: Nipple Trix > 2nd Self, Puppet String > Preamble > Mantis > The Triple Wide > Hajimemashite, All Night Long[1], Headphones & Snowcones[2], Resolution[3] > Puppet String

Set 2: JaJunk > Slacker[4], The Linear[5] > JaJunk, Conduit[6] > Mantis, 40's Theme, Hollywood Nights

Encore: Divisions > How Many More Times > Divisions

[1] with Mike Dillon on percussion along with Jake
[2] with Mike Dillon on marimba and Carly Meyers on trombone
[3] with White Summer (Led Zeppelin) teases
[4] with The Fuzz tease
[5] with Lose Yourself (Eminem) jam
[6] with Regulate (Warren G) intro

last Headphones & Snowcones 12.31.2009 (356 shows)
last How Many More Times 07.13.2007 (641 shows)

Support: Mike Dillon Band
Purchase via UMLive: 02.16.2013, Orpheum Theatre, Madison, WI
Reviews: 2 review(s)

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Fan Reviews

Review by umphalex, posted 19 February 2013 12:51 pm EST

UM had a lot to prove to make this show better than the last time they were at the Orpheum and they did not dissapoint.

Nippletrix into 2nd Self was a nice touch to get the show started with a good vibe. The puppet string has some really good improv and good length. Not quite as funky as some versions I've heard but original and good in its own way.

My fiance called the Mantis on this show and is always a nice treat these days to get that, especially the backside of it.

Triple wide is a great version, taking you through peaks and valleys of electronic grooves...All night long had more thump than normal with 3 ppl playing percussion including Jake.

It was my second time getting headphones and snowcones (once before on NYE with Mirro) and its a great jazzy riff.

I love when they put two jams into Resolution and both of them had a reggae - ish theme which was great!!!

Set two was a rager, dancy jajunk, rocker of a slacker, and the set never let go....

Hollywood nights I went absolutely nuts because me and my fiance will be going to do VIP HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS on 3-22 and 3-23 in Hollywood....Its as if they knew we were going by playing it in our hometown of madtown!

Great show...UM in madison never dissapoints!

Review by harleybo, posted 19 February 2013 5:42 am EST

This show is easily in my top 5.
Seeing headphones and snocones was a huge surprise. The guys were on fire all nite long! Love madtown!

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