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04.06.2016 The Lyric, Oxford, MS, USA

Set 1: Similar Skin > Booth Love > 2x2 > Miami Virtue > Mullet (Over), Mad Love

Set 2: Push the Pig, Soul Food II > No Comment > Day Nurse, Trenchtown Rock > 40's Theme, Conduit, Rocker Part 2

Encore: Puppet String

Purchase via UMLive: 04.06.2016, The Lyric, Oxford, MS
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Fan Reviews

Review by spaceoutintime, posted 08 April 2016 10:17 pm EDT

I just finished listening to this show, two days after the fact, in three different sittings. But wow, even remotely, audio only, with interruptions, this show shines. Liquid velvety smoothness throughout. They were locked in from note one and feeling good. The first five songs (of a six song first set) flow effortlessly into one other, with Mad Love tacked on for good measure. I'm always a sucker for Miami Virtue, as it so often lends itself as a pliable launching pad, and this excursion is top notch. Set 2 keeps the flow going with many high water marks. Everything in it's right place. Their playing this night is inspired and relaxed. Great start to this year's Southern run.

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