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3x40oz November 14, 2014
Really enjoyed this show live...classic 2011 UM shit. The opening AIT had a nice jam. Never can catch the Red Tape teases but the Life During Wartime tease was very apparent live and on tape. Butter smooth segue into PS. The Water > Day Nurse > August section felt a little disjointed with the juxtaposition of Water's tight composition, the electro-dance of Nurse, followed by a soaring August. The August jam would eventually become the opening riff of Similar Skin. Deeper jam was decent but not particularly noteworthy.

The AIT drop out of Prowler kind of caught me off guard. I thought for sure that would be saved until the end of the second set. 1348 seemed like it was about to take off when they segued to 2x2. I wish they had milked that jam a bit more. 2x2 is always a pleasure to catch. The band really liked the Tink's/Masoka Tanga pairing in 2011. I recall it happening a couple times. If they really did play Billie Jean off the cuff for the encore, that's fucking sweet. The crowd ate it up and it provided a nice transition into the second half of 1348.

TL; DR - All In Time, August, and 1348 are the highlights. Solid show all around.

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