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BagelGlory November 3, 2012
I saw UM for my first time at Penn's Peak last time they played there. I was really excited to go back, and expected a heater. The band delivered!
Set 1 started of strong with Wife Soup, but then I got a little down because of RtB and breathe goin down. The MO started to pick things up and then BAM! Uncommon! Was this the bustout Joel tweeted about earlier? BAM Eat! 2x2 had a little bit of nice improv and Bayliss was tearing it up.
Set 2 started off with a bang with Robot World. It got real heavy real fast. Like dark industrial style.
The Segue into Higgins was executed well and this quickly became the jam of the night IMO. I was really hoping for a big DBK and we got it! the first part at least. It was real strong and then they threw in No Comment which wasn't a disappointment because its such a fun song. It seemed like a strange song to throw into an otherwise heavy portion of the set but it wasn't awkward in the least. That's why I love this band so much.
I wasn't a huge fan of the mashup, and the AIT was standard. When the encore was WBG I was starting to get ready to leave and then what? FULL BAND ORFEO?!?! It was a real treat to see so many gems at one show.
After the show on Wednesday at the Fillmore it was REALLY nice to have a lot more room in this venue.
I love Penn's Peak and I love UM! Please come back next year!

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