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danoc January 29, 2013
Umphrey's McGee @ Penn's Peak is by far the most beautiful thing these two eyes have ever witnessed. Coming out to Nipple Trix is always a treat to start off a show. Grabbed everyone attention from the start...right into an original but yet wonderful Wife Soup. RtB was good for the venue right into a Floyd cover(Breathe) with a dub theme which was pretty bad ass. Much Obliged was awesome, very funky..very very funky. big fan of that. Uncommon and eat were accepted by me. 2x2 is a great way to end the 1st set and get us real pumped up for the 2nd. 2nd Set: Robot World was kick ass, jammed hard for a long ass time, into an attention grabbing higgins to bring people back to real life. DBK was perfect, give that a listen if u can. Into a No Comment that made people get down, back into DBK. Exodus was a dance party and really had people enjoying the moment. Didn't see that one coming, a perfect ALT left people nearly crying as the set came to a finish. Encore: came out to a WBG into Joel's favorite Orfeo back into WBG to end the show. Great show everyone who was there was given a kick ass show and after that halloween run left people begging UM to come back to the east coast. UM

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