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dubzz February 1, 2013
I can commiserate with danoc, missed the intro and most of 40's due to tough travels from Boston.

N2F > Ocean Billy was monstrous and well overdue in the past few shows. There is a great Jake solo to close it out. Although I'm not a tremendous Radiohead fan, those who like them will really enjoy the rare Weird Fishes cover. Plunger was a great heavy hitter to close the first set.

22 minutes of domination to start the second set with Strings. The entire follow up was a continual rager. Wormborg, Wappy, Ex1 w/ sax were wonderful. Wappy jam was more smooth than too metal. Finally, the Life During Exodus had the crowd going absolute NUTS! Loved the Heads tribute in NY and first replay since it's intro at Milwaukee. Not a huge Booth Love fan myself, but I enjoyed it. The reprise of Strings was expected and welcomed, great close to their first performance at the Beacon.

Personal Highlights: Wappy > Ex1, LDE

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