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oldedrums October 18, 2012
Great show. Great band. My first UM show. Loved the music and sound. HATED the lighting. I was in the balcony and flat out could not see the band through the intense beams of light focused on the audience that pulsed to the music. I beliive I might have seen the band 10% of the show, only when the light show wasn't going. Moved to the floor and then the light beams were going directly into my eyes. I had to close them or hold my hand across my forehead. I love seeing the band play, but I could not see. If every show is going to be lit that way, it doesn't make sense to see them live. I don't know if this is a new show enhancement or all shows feature the same light show. I truly believe this needs to be re-thought. I understand that artists look to enhance the experience visually. Bands like Rush and Pink Floyd are masters of this. I feel this choice of lighting immensely detracted from the experience. I hope the band loses this light show and tries something else.

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