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umphalex July 1, 2013
This show is seriously under rated and never talked about. But when it's a general admission $10 summerfest ticket and UM plays like this, WOW!

Opener of resolution with two seperate jams wrapped around the tune, first jam is a rocker, and second jam is funky...

Pretty standard versions of PW, S4, and then an always wonderful zeppelin cover to get the party goin.

Nothin too fancy can be heard on UM-Hall of Fame and is one of the greatest ambient UM grooves I've heard to date..its tasty.

Push the pig has a good healthy jam, and Milwaukee was diggin the harder groove that "in bloom" brought...

One of the coolest Fuzz jams I've ever heard, its like bar room rockin jamboree shit..really is quite killer...

Encore embodied some hendrix teases and ended the night in serious fashion! UM always rocks out at summerfest

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