Reviews attached to December 31, 2012

Darb0114 January 2, 2013
This show was nothing short of amazing. This was my first chance at seeing a New Years show (Thanks Couch Tour!) and this just hit home for me.

There were parts of this show that I connected with emotionally in my life, and I have a whole new perspective on things, including my past, current, and future experiences. What a way to start a much needed New Year for me.

Thanks Umphs and keep up the great work!!! See you in GR and Detroit!

NickPJ January 5, 2013
Amazing cap to a 4 night run. The 30th and 31st were my favorite shows but all were amazing. There was also a blackbird tease at the beginning of glory that you can hear the crowd to react to.

Toastponcho January 7, 2013
This show was Toastastic from the opening bell right thru the finish line!

"Hi Fives Save Lives Save Live...I Have Proof!"

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