Reviews attached to February 6, 2010

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Wilburjo October 18, 2012
1st ever UM show. Hooked from the first note of Jaws Theme... Then the finisher Eminence Front > The Floor. The parts in between I don't even want to talk about... Too much face melting action for a newbie

dubzz October 18, 2012
This for me also marked my deflowering at the hand's of UM.

The Jaws theme was played as the band took the stage and set up. Added an erie effect coupled by Waful's reds on stage. The jump into JaJunk was set up perfectly with this. MO > 1348 was a major highlight for me. The Wife Soup transition back to JaJunk was seamless and definitely deserves some attention. A lot of heavy hitters (Bridgeless, Wappy, Cem2) and the crowd made it a really high octane show. Morning Song was probably the slowest moment of the show and was still masterfully performed.

Little did I know until a handful of shows later and the DVD release, how special of an experience it truly was. Remains one of my favorite shows to date! 9/10