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01.22.2016 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA

Set 1: Auf Wiedersehen > Hurt Bird Bath, 2nd Self, Speak Up, 1348 > Ocean Billy > Drums > Ocean Billy, Gents > 1348

Set 2: Bad Friday, The Floor, Wappy Sprayberry > JaJunk, Similar Skin, In The Kitchen[1]

Encore: Hajimemashite > Tom Sawyer

[1] with Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) tease

last Auf Wiedersehen 02.15.2013 (289 shows)

Support: TAUK
Purchase via UMLive: 01.22.2016, Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
Reviews: 4 review(s)

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Fan Reviews

Review by DBONES, posted 04 March 2016 1:39 pm EST

Solid show, but the first night of Beacon was far superior in every way. Auf>HBB was perfect. Speak Up is a funky new tune. Ocean Billy>Gents>1348 is a great way to end a set.

Bad Friday is ok, but the jam it leads to is excellent. Same with ITK, not my favorite tune, but great jam. This seems to be the case with these songs live. Haj - speaker blows, don't download by itself. Tom Sawyer fucking rocks. BB is a god.

Review by AllinTom, posted 09 February 2016 11:08 am EST

This is as good as an Umphrey's show gets. Every song was incredible. Song placement kept everyone excited, and the improvisation was well done and heavily inspired. Everything got pretty heavy, and nothing was aimless. Perfect score.

Review by MusicIsLife, posted 27 January 2016 4:01 pm EST

Auf Wiedersehen great opener especially for the transition into Hurt Bird Bath; which was high intensity and a great start. The 2nd self was solid. My favourite version so far. Speak Up- new song great song! Won't be surprised if they bust that out more often. 1348>Ocean Billy was absolutely nuts! I was amazed. The Billy was only enhanced when Andy and Kris took it into Drums then back into Billy!!! AAAAAH! 2nd time live best version I've heard. The boys knocked this show out of the park. They broke out Gents and BOOSH back into 1348 End set.
Set 2- What the hell are they gonna blow my mind with now? Usually comes to mind
Bad Friday- great song, nice groove, a good call. The Floor always solid. Gotta love Ryan for what came next: Wappy Sprayberry... Yes! then into a JaJunk!!! 1st time I remember seeing this one live so great to be a part of. The crowd was fully into the show by this point. It was attention grabbing. The Similar Skin was a great follow up! The In The Kitchen was amazeballs! The Rhiannon jam back into In The Kitchen!!! So epic! Great call guys! The Hajii was my 1st Blown Speaker Hajii so that was unforgettable. Encore Tom Sawyer only RUSH does it better but I mean Come On! It was so fuckin' SICK!!
My favourite Facebook Message after the show: Fuck you! U fucking fuck!

Review by McGrupp10799, posted 23 January 2016 1:56 am EST

Solid show all around; Myers's Drums & Waful's Lights (particularly his transition of colors) were the standout performances of the night. And that was all capped off with a great rendition of "Tom Sawyer" – I'm assuming in response to the fan who kept posting requests for a RUSH cover.

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