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FurnDiggity February 9, 2013
This was my 6th year in a row at First Ave and UM. I was a bit bummed they werent playing more than one night, but I knew that the show would not disappoint... And that was for sure the case! I have been an Umphrey's fan for about 7 years now, and I am only in the 30ish range for shows. So I am no veteran by any means, but they are my favorite band. So I was really hoping for a Wizard Burial Ground, I have yet to see it live. I didnt get WBG, but I got 2 of my other favorite songs that I hadnt heard yet... Division! and Miss Tinkle's Overture. I was in awe after both of those were played. Not to mention Nemo was crazy good, as was All In Time and the Triple Wide to close the night out. I hadnt heard UM cover Bowie before, so that was also a highlight for me. I think I say this every time I see Umphrey's, but this was seriously the best show I have seen of them. If not best, easily in my top 3. Great work of you Gents!

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