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MusicIsLife October 29, 2015
Let me start by saying that I flew from Toronto, Ontario Canada to see both nights at the Georgia Theatre. The extra money I spent to fly in was so worth it!
The Gurgle opener was a perfect call in my opinion. The anticipation you could feel in the crowd reached its peak. House Lights came off and BAM! They came out like yeah WHAT'S UP!
The Push the Pig had all the fatness of Waa and bass you may have come to expect. They get better every time. The lights added to the enjoyment of the song and then with very little pause Jake starts a solo (masterfully precise as per usual) that lead into a wicked Soul Food I could not believe what was going to come up. The Similar Skin to follow got everybody in the place jumping. It was packed! Everybody was having a good time, rocking out sharing smokeables in various forms. The energy you feel when you see them perform the songs that just connect with you is whats unforgettable about the live show. When you hear the studio tracks and think How? TO SEE IT ALL HAPPEN mind blowing. These guys are just super tight. Have set up hand signals for changes and always listen to each other. The crowd was cheering so much I have to download the live shows to hear what Joel Brendan Jake and Ryan were saying because I cant be sure. The ALL THINGS NINJA fucking loved it. I did hear Brendan say it was someones 250th show and you that you dont always give them what they want you gotta give em what they need. Man did I need to hear that track. After that show I realized there was a hole in my All Things Ninja T-Shirt but I wore it. So that was awesome. The All in Time>Mad Love was unexpected, amazing , beautiful, awesome.... Again shout out to the light show because it really added to the amazingness of the composition of their songs. Set break must beer and more smokeables exchanged.
Set 2
The Floor best version I've heard but that was like the 4th time for me so although very good I was hoping for an epic tease that never came.
2x2-What YES! That's all I had to say. Took me minute to recognize the part of No More Tears that was teased. RESPECT. Cannot say enough about the talent that is possessed in every member of this band. Just when you think there might be one that overshadows another in the band they show you how well they play as a hole. Every member is essential to their consistently mind blowing shows.
The Bad Friday was sick! Loved it. Nuff said. The Haji was amazing> All in time again. A bit of Georgia Love I guess reaching back to the Tabernackle run... but I liked it better because I was there for this one. Again seeing it live 100x better than blasting it in your headphones. If memory serves the Hangover had a little Break Out The Booty Wags (ITS MONDAY NIGHT!) Epic.
Tickles-5th time best time. Come Closer not seen since encore night 2 summercamp '08. That gave me flashbacks.

Masterful Show.

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