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MusicIsLife January 27, 2016
Auf Wiedersehen great opener especially for the transition into Hurt Bird Bath; which was high intensity and a great start. The 2nd self was solid. My favourite version so far. Speak Up- new song great song! Won't be surprised if they bust that out more often. 1348>Ocean Billy was absolutely nuts! I was amazed. The Billy was only enhanced when Andy and Kris took it into Drums then back into Billy!!! AAAAAH! 2nd time live best version I've heard. The boys knocked this show out of the park. They broke out Gents and BOOSH back into 1348 End set.
Set 2- What the hell are they gonna blow my mind with now? Usually comes to mind
Bad Friday- great song, nice groove, a good call. The Floor always solid. Gotta love Ryan for what came next: Wappy Sprayberry... Yes! then into a JaJunk!!! 1st time I remember seeing this one live so great to be a part of. The crowd was fully into the show by this point. It was attention grabbing. The Similar Skin was a great follow up! The In The Kitchen was amazeballs! The Rhiannon jam back into In The Kitchen!!! So epic! Great call guys! The Hajii was my 1st Blown Speaker Hajii so that was unforgettable. Encore Tom Sawyer only RUSH does it better but I mean Come On! It was so fuckin' SICK!!
My favourite Facebook Message after the show: Fuck you! U fucking fuck!

MusicIsLife January 27, 2016
10th show 18th B-Day Show for Umph. Goonville was cool. I never know where the created openers lead but to have it drop into Plunger was awesome. I will give nothing away but, the Banter in this show between the band and the crowd is priceless. 40's was good as usual. "Pick up a couple a New York City 40s" In the Black was solid. Better than Athens I thought. Roulette was totally a highlight. Unexpected and always welcome; but to have that go into Kimble!! SO SICK. My buddy wants to dick punch me for that one. Attachments newer song, great song. 1st time I've heard it live. The Rocker Part 2 filled out the monster and as always a great way to end set. Irreplaceable.

All in Time- Having heard it broken up in Athens; to hear it start to finish was just what the doctor ordered. Crowd. Hyped. Knew something got teased wasn't sure what but to find out Kris pulled out the end... Very cool. Booth Love I heard this home in Toronto in 2011 when they played the MOD Club. This one was waaay better! Plus the you belong to the city tease and priceless banter from Jake. Wicked. I'm thinking push the tempo up and the next song they pull out is Bridgeless! Yes! Unfinished jammed into Remind Me. Nicely done boys! The tribute to spinal shaft was just rockin' best one yet. It had the Xxplosive tease and Jake played around a bit with the strumming but it wasn't Still Dre like a few dudes in front of me thought. Rather than educate I felt they would figure it out later. BOOSH back into Bridgeless, Ryan was killing it. End set.

Encore Space Oddity >Fame. I thought wicked Bowie tribute and the mashup was unexpected and awesome! So happy to have been apart of UM history.

MusicIsLife October 29, 2015
You'll have to forgive the spelling mistakes in my review of night one. Seems I can't edit it. Night 2. Any consecutive show we should all remember 3 simple rules. Rage. Rest. Repeat. I mean REPEAT night 2 was just more enjoyable. Found company with people I met night one and when you make new friends its always a better show.

Didn't know what to expect given what was done to my brain night 1. Shout out to Brendan Joel Chris Andy Ryan and Jake who didn't get enough love. One weird thing I realized no Joel Chant night 1... The slack was picked up night 2 but lets start with the Preamble. Nice! 1st time seeing it but you always know that Mantis is going to follow. But we got the Mantis Ghets, Mantis 2/3rds. But it was the greatest 2/3rds I've heard and experienced. I saw them playing it all singing and I was singing along, although not as well. All I can say is when you remember what a Song is like after seeing it live you develop a deeper connection with that song. I have a new appreciation for mantis. Moving on. Alexs House... everyone was groovin'out to the light show I'm pretty sure that its rare. So I felt lucky. But it went into 40's! JAKE THREW IT DOWN that was hype. ABSOULUTELY NO ONE IN THIS BAND IS A SLOUCH Brendan was solid, Joel was steady. Chris is always mystifying to me. He's the hardest working guy and the quietest, well him and Andy. Andy is the essential percussive support that really helps fill the gaps. Ryan's usally good for 1 thing to the crowd. Night 1 was I think you guys are the loudest crowd ever. Wicked version. Moving on Example 1 with Demolition Man tease(so cool) was not only good transition musically in my opinion kept the vibe going. I remember that Brendan and Jake brought out the 2 custom really block looking guitars for this they seemed to have fun playing them and the sound was good but, not as good as their regular guitars. I had no clue what to expect next. Then, Room To Breathe AAAHH so good. Only to be followed up by a No Diablo that really hit home with the crowd and took the vibe to 11. The In the Black was super impressive because it went straight into Mantis end set 1. I had to pee since Mantis so I booked it to the bathroom and then bought more beer.

Set 2 You see what happens when you chant Joel.
Divisions opener. Divisions is a great song. One of my favourites. But I was honestly glad it was played right away. The Roundabout tease was unexpected and 100% awesome. Dump City was SO GOOD but people kept asking me what song it was and that sucked. Little Gift never heard before it was a beautifully written song. INTO SLACKER What! Boosh! Totally into it. I think this was when the Joel Chant happened then Conduit. It might have been after Conduit but I remember the chant and partaking in its glory. JOEL, JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL JOEL I also remember Brendan saying Do you see what happens when you chant Joel. LIFE DURING EXODUS IS WHAT HAPPENS with a wicked Fleetwood Mac tease(Riannon )and a 1348 encore is what happens! So epic. I hope I never lose my memories of these 2 nights at the Georgia Theatre.

MusicIsLife October 29, 2015
Let me start by saying that I flew from Toronto, Ontario Canada to see both nights at the Georgia Theatre. The extra money I spent to fly in was so worth it!
The Gurgle opener was a perfect call in my opinion. The anticipation you could feel in the crowd reached its peak. House Lights came off and BAM! They came out like yeah WHAT'S UP!
The Push the Pig had all the fatness of Waa and bass you may have come to expect. They get better every time. The lights added to the enjoyment of the song and then with very little pause Jake starts a solo (masterfully precise as per usual) that lead into a wicked Soul Food I could not believe what was going to come up. The Similar Skin to follow got everybody in the place jumping. It was packed! Everybody was having a good time, rocking out sharing smokeables in various forms. The energy you feel when you see them perform the songs that just connect with you is whats unforgettable about the live show. When you hear the studio tracks and think How? TO SEE IT ALL HAPPEN mind blowing. These guys are just super tight. Have set up hand signals for changes and always listen to each other. The crowd was cheering so much I have to download the live shows to hear what Joel Brendan Jake and Ryan were saying because I cant be sure. The ALL THINGS NINJA fucking loved it. I did hear Brendan say it was someones 250th show and you that you dont always give them what they want you gotta give em what they need. Man did I need to hear that track. After that show I realized there was a hole in my All Things Ninja T-Shirt but I wore it. So that was awesome. The All in Time>Mad Love was unexpected, amazing , beautiful, awesome.... Again shout out to the light show because it really added to the amazingness of the composition of their songs. Set break must beer and more smokeables exchanged.
Set 2
The Floor best version I've heard but that was like the 4th time for me so although very good I was hoping for an epic tease that never came.
2x2-What YES! That's all I had to say. Took me minute to recognize the part of No More Tears that was teased. RESPECT. Cannot say enough about the talent that is possessed in every member of this band. Just when you think there might be one that overshadows another in the band they show you how well they play as a hole. Every member is essential to their consistently mind blowing shows.
The Bad Friday was sick! Loved it. Nuff said. The Haji was amazing> All in time again. A bit of Georgia Love I guess reaching back to the Tabernackle run... but I liked it better because I was there for this one. Again seeing it live 100x better than blasting it in your headphones. If memory serves the Hangover had a little Break Out The Booty Wags (ITS MONDAY NIGHT!) Epic.
Tickles-5th time best time. Come Closer not seen since encore night 2 summercamp '08. That gave me flashbacks.

Masterful Show.

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