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N2FBoston April 23, 2013
I wasn't at this show but the song selection is epic! All the jams are very tight and exploratory. Covering the new Daft Punk song is pretty awesome too.

Anyone know what stew/jam/song they are teasing about 7:30 into In The Kitchen? I've definitely heard it before...

N2FBoston January 27, 2013
This venue is new and extremely intimate. Holds only 750 people and even that is split between the main floor and a small balcony. The created a very cool vibe that ended up exploding with energy throughout the show.

From the second Umphrey's stepped on the stage you knew it was going to be a special night. They skipped the intro, which seems to be how every show has been starting the past few tours. First set was filled with special moments but the highlights were definitely the jams during Girlfriend is Better and Dump City (Finally got this song! only took 48 shows to hear it). Syncopated, morning song, and ending the set with mulches was a nice touch too.

The 2nd set was monstrous. Straight out the gates, In the flesh through 2nd self is action packed and extremely tight. You could look around the room and just see minds being blown left and right. The jams were incredible! Another brick int he wall, sociable jimmy, and visions, bahhh it was just insane. You will just have to hear to show to understand. Not sure if i've seen them close a show with higgins, but worked out beautifully with a nice dubby jam in the middle.

Jajunk is always great as an encore. It really encompasses everything that is umphreys. On top of that the jam in this version is epic. Stasik goes wild, as does the crowd.

Shenanigans, thats all I can say about this show.

N2FBoston October 19, 2012
It goes without saying that this show is a must listen - Stanley Jordan cannot be human... just can't be.

I over heard one of the guys from the band say after the show that Stanley chose Liquid himself. They played a great version of the song with a great solo by Stanley then as the song ended UM stepped aside and let Stanley do his thing on his own. It was amazing, to watch the band members look at Stanley the way we look at them, in complete and utter AW... Making Flippy Floppy is epic, the jam is straight fire. I don't know if I've ever seen the guys having that much fun on stage.

Another note on Stanley Jordan - He is the most spiritual musician I've ever had the honor to meet. Most of the people at sUMmer school got to talk to him and all the conversations were truly inspiring. After the show we all broke out into open jams and Stanley showed up and jammed with us for many hours into the night. sUMmer school was by far the most amazing, beneficial, and inspirational musical event I've ever attended.

N2FBoston October 19, 2012
This may have been "The show" from sUMmer school. Each night was special in its own way, but this show was especially memorable. The Phils Farm and DBK sandwiches were definitely the highlights, but pretty much all the jams were extremely tight and the more elaborate rehearsed parts in songs like Go to Hell and Mantis were played perfectly.

A little background on the debut of Weird Fishes...

At summer school we had the amazing opportunity to have one on one sessions with members of the band. My good friend Kyle Michaud had a lesson with Jake the afternoon of this show. During the session Jake started messing around with some chords and Kyle noticed he was dancing around the chords of Weird Fishes, but was missing a few. Kyle pointed this out, played the song with the missing chords... and that night Jake busted it out during the show. This is a great way to exemplify the amazing experience that was sUMmer school. By the end of the weekend it was hard to look at UM on stage as the epic Godlike musicians that I normally see them as, because we all felt more like a bunch of friends hanging out and appreciating good music.

Also... it was that much more epic when I saw them play weird fishes at red rocks...

N2FBoston October 18, 2012
This show was short, but very much to the point. Every song featured pretty extensive jams, most of which were pretty spacy and electronic in nature since this event was celebrating Bob Moog.

I WISH There was a recording of the Prison Shank set that took place before Umphrey's played. Prison Shank consisted of, if I get this right, Jake and Stasik on guitar and bass, both Jamie Shieleds (The New Deal) and Aaron Magner (The Disco Biscuits) on keys, and Joe Russo (Furthur, many other projects) on drums.... The set was pretty much all improve and was amazing start to finish.

N2FBoston October 18, 2012
Unfortunately wasn't at this show, but its still one of my go-to shows. The show is pretty much fire start to finish (which I find is usually the case with Boston shows...).

- Ringo jam (1st part). One of my favorite jams to ever come out of a Ringo.
- Turn & Run
- EPIC All in time jam... the teases are great but the jam itself is so funky and tight!

N2FBoston October 18, 2012
I've been to 45 UM shows, and these three higher ground shows are hands down my favorites, with this night being the highlight. It was Pony's birthday and everyone in the crowd and the band were going ape shit.

-The mulches jam is an epic dance party
-Stasiks's bass line during sociable jimmy jam!
-Mike's Kitchen... one of the best jams I've ever heard. The communication is amazing, and they really take you on a musical adventure with multiple different sections, each segued perfectly.

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