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Pookells October 20, 2012
This was first (and only, so far) UM show. While this isn't the best show of 2012, it is a pretty damned solid show! The show kicks off with Cummins that segues nicely into Crooked (which possesses a nice, but standard jam). Intentions is great and has a great jam (vocals are a bit weak compared to other live versions). Glory is pretty standard. RtB is probably the best live RtB I've heard out of the other live versions I've heard. Deeper sandwiched by Nemo is pretty sweet. Now to the jam of the night - Smell The Mitten! Clocking in at 15 minutes, Mitten has some sweet improv that includes a snippet of Steve Miller Band's "Abracadabra", and the last 5 minutes is just a dance party!

Set 2 kicks off with Tinkles, which was a nice set opener. Virtue is the 2nd best jam of the night with a nice stew thrown in there. Walletsworth is standard, but very good. Let's Dance is quite faithful to the Bowie original. Day Nurse is just a nice dance party, Conduit was OK. The drum duel between Kris and Andy is way cool, haven't seen that on a lot of setlists. 1348 and The Floor end the 2nd set with a strong finish. The Prowler > 1348 encore is OK, but way too short (probably due to the 12:30am curfew UM had to deal with). All in all, pretty solid show. Not 2012's best, but definitely not 2012's worst either. It is better than the 3/23 show in Portland, IMO.

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