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Scopeless October 22, 2012
My second favorite show of the year behind 11.5.11. The first set was perfectly executed. The opener into a Jimmy Stewart with Lyrics Intentions Clear was the right way to open a show. It was like a book with an engaging chapter one.

The Haunt and Divisions jams don't get talked-up as much as Intentions Clear (which, by the way, is now the UM tune, Teresa), but they should be lauded as highly. The Haunt peaks well and has a great structure that can be used in a future song. The Divisions is MONSTROUS. Over 24 minutes of epic UM performance.

The DBK was great, but then the set starts to drift a little bit, imo. I'm just not a fan of Mullet, standard Deeper (newer versions have been terrific though), and It's So Easy. It was almost as if Dutchman -> DBK was SOOOOOO rocking that UM lost their mojo right at the end. It's what I feel holds this show back from being in discussion as the best of the year, but it comes ever so close.

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